Company Secretarial and Nominee Services

Company Secretarial and Nominee Services law firm in Nigeria

Our Company Secretarial and Nominee Services practice

We provide top-notch company secretarial services to local and international clients with presence in Nigeria. As your company’s secretary, we organize general board meetings for the companies in our portfolio, partake in the meetings, and provide detailed minutes of meetings to these clients within the shortest period of time. We maintain Statutory Register of Members and other Records required to be kept. We prepare and file annual returns in compliance with extant Regulations and further offer routine legal advisory on company secretarial matters as may be required of us.

Our company secretarial services also encompass our regulatory compliance and corporate governance practice, as we provide extensive legal advisory to our portfolio companies. We understand the nuances of corporate law and governance, and we keep abreast of all upcoming regulations in Nigeria’s corporate world.

As seasoned experts, we guide our clients through the business formation phase [encompassing pre-incorporation advisory, incorporation and post-incorporation legal work]

Our Comprehensive Suite of Company Secretarial Services

  • Filing of annual returns with Regulators in Nigeria
  • We maintain all necessary statutory records as required by extant regulations
  • We conduct regulatory compliance checks to ensure compliance
  • Plan and coordinate shareholder meetings
  • Minutes keeping
  • Drafting and review of company By-Laws
  • Drafting all necessary Resolutions and Company Agreements
  • Company Secretarial support
  • Organizing Board sessions and retreats
  • Draft and review employment contracts for all company employees

The firm’s company secretarial services are undertaken through Kabbiz Global Nominees Limited, a limited liability company incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria. Our firm and Kabbiz Global Nominees Limited advises businesses and corporations on matters pertaining to company registration and establishment in Nigeria and further undertakes the incorporation of companies for foreign entities at the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Nominee Services

Nominees are persons who hold assets of value for others, but have no beneficial interest in the assets they hold for the beneficiaries.

As part of our corporate services, we also provide Nominee services to international companies, entities and organizations seeking entrance into Nigeria. Thus, we can help you launch your Nigerian company effortlessly and provide nominee director services to your entity. We offer ready-made nominee director and shareholder service through which we can provide you with a complete legal structure for operations in Nigeria, allow you to own an organization bank account—all of which are readily accessible to you.

We boast of respected and ethical professionals who understand business ethics and are readily on-hand to provide nominee director and nominee shareholder services to our clients either on short-term or permanent basis, as required.

Nominee Services we Provide for your Entity

Nominee Directors

 You are a foreigner who wants to set up a local entity in Nigeria, but you would like to have a local director on ground to act on your instructions and move the company forward. You are a foreigner who wishes to protect your identity and not make it known to the world that you are involved in the company, especially if its activities are of a sensitive nature. You want to avoid being a named director in a company in a foreign jurisdiction whose legal and compliance requirements are unfamiliar to you. If you fall in within any of these categories, we can help you.

Our Nominee Director service allows you to give us the leave to appoint directors for your [Nigerian] company. These nominee directors are always hand-picked from our crop of professional lawyers, all of whom are well versed in company matters in Nigeria, to act on all your instructions for your company.

 Nominee Shareholders

As a foreign entity, you might be interested in floating a Nigerian entity for the West African or Nigerian arm of your operations but there is a compliance requirement for minimum share capital of ₦100,000,000 [One Hundred Million Naira] which you are expected by law to import into Nigeria as a foreigner before your company commences business that you are not able to meet up with. Or, you may be dealing with instances where you want to avoid disclosure of your personal information as a person with significant control [PSC] of your company or reduce the tax burdens of being a foreign shareholder in Nigeria.

In that case, we can provide your company with nominee shareholders through our Nigerian Nominee Shareholder service. Our Nominee Shareholders are all legal practitioners who maintain the highest ethical standards and confidentiality and will act as custodians of your shares, without holding sway over your [Nigerian] company’s affairs.

Virtual Offices

 We offer virtual offices to our [international] clients who require national incorporation in the Federal Republic of Nigeria but would rather not be fully immersed in the country through actively maintaining offices in Nigeria. We are therefore available to provide office addresses for foreign-owned companies or foreign individuals seeking local incorporation but don’t want the hassle of maintaining offices by themselves; receiving correspondence and documents for them, performing administrative tasks, while leaving you free to work from anywhere without having to invest in long-term office leases.

Through our virtual office service you can enjoy the flexibility of working remotely, while you are still able to communicate with your clients in Nigeria.

We provide our comprehensive Nominee Services through Kabbiz Global Nominees Limited.


For further enquiries on how we at Kabbiz Legal & Advisory can help you with your Nigerian business needs and provide nominee services to you, or about our company secretarial and nominee services generally, kindly send an email to  or call us on +234864231176, or alternatively click the link here to chat us on WhatsApp. Our company secretarial and nominee services group head will be happy to provide guidance for you.

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