Industrial Designs

Industrial Designs lawyers in Nigeria

Industrial Design Lawyers in Nigeria

Industrial designs as defined under the Nigerian Patent and Designs Act are designs which consists of combination of lines or colours or both, and three-dimensional form and is intended by the creator to be used as a model or pattern to be multiplied by industrial process. Industrial Design registration in Nigeria will protect the combination of shapes, configuration, pattern or ornamentation of a product which relate to the appearance and aesthetics of a product, which gives it its special form and is judged solely by the human eye. What differentiates Industrial Designs from Patents in Nigeria [and other jurisdictions]  is one of “form versus function”, as industrial designs protect the form [and visual aesthetics of a product] while patents protect the function of it. That is where industrial design lawyers come in, as they can help you with the registration and protection of your industrial design in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, Industrial Designs is protected by the Patents and Designs Act, 1971, which provides for its registration, protection and enforcement within the Nigerian Territory.

Registering an industrial design grants the registered owner the exclusive rights to use, make, or sell that design in Nigeria, thus preventing others from copying or imitating it without the registered owner’s permission. Registering a design further offers legal protection to the owner of the registered Design against infringement of their Design, and thus allows the owner to take legal action against infringers and prevent unauthorized use of same.

When registered, an Industrial Design can enhance market competitiveness by distinguishing products from competitors and allows customers to develop heightened awareness of the Brand as their designs are unique in the market.

Industrial Design Lawyers to help you Protect your Designs in Nigeria

Kabbiz Legal & Advisory is a premier intellectual property law firm in Nigeria, focusing majorly on the niche area of Intellectual Property law, to better serve the needs of our clients. Due to our market positioning as IP lawyers in Nigeria, we are trusted by local and international manufacturers seeking to protect their Designs in Nigeria, and we frequently assist clients and guide them through the complex process of Industrial Designs registration in Nigeria. We advise clients on issues that border around the protection of their industrial designs and we help them to fully undertake the process at the Nigerian Intellectual Property Office in the Federal Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Industry. That said, we can help your company with Industrial Design application, and help you obtain Design protection in Nigeria.

Furthermore, we offer our suite of services for Industrial Design protection, as follows:

  • Assess your portfolio of Designs and advise you on their registrability in Nigeria.
  • Represent clients in applying for Industrial Design protection for their Designs in Nigeria, record modifications, et cetera.
  • Help clients process Industrial Design applications in Nigeria
  • Effectively help you to evaluate your Designs in Nigeria; investigate, monitor use, serve cease-and-desist notices to infringers of your Design and help you seek legal redress in cases of continued infringement.
  • Help your company to negotiate, draft, evaluate and register changes of ownership in Industrial Designs for your Designs registered in Nigeria.
  • Advise you on market penetration [for our foreign clients].
  • Assist clients on managing their Industrial Designs portfolio in Nigeria.
  • Advise on any Design acquisition issues that may arise.
  • Help with sanctions against infringers.
  • As your Industrial Design lawyers, we will proactively protect your interest and rights in Nigeria.

How Kabbiz Legal Can Help Your Business for Industrial Design Registration and Protection in Nigeria

For more information on how we can help you register and protect your industrial designs in Nigeria, we invite you to reach out to us at or call us on +234864231176, or alternatively click the link here to chat us on WhatsApp.  We respond to all business enquiries within twenty-four hours.

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