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Corporate and commercial law solicitors providing legal services in the corporate world and finance to businesses and corporations in Nigeria.

Corporate and Commercial Law solicitors in Nigeria

We service Nigeria’s Corporate and Commercial Sectors

We understand the realities businesses face in Nigeria and our work with businesses and corporate organizations is instructive in this regard. We offer specialized legal services in the area of corporate and commercial law, delivery exceptional work product to our clients to tight deadlines. We have in-depth knowledge of Nigerian corporate and commercial law, including relevant statutes, regulations, and industry practices. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that businesses face in Nigeria and are well-equipped to provide tailored legal solutions to meet our clients’ needs in that regard as they work to achieve their business objectives.

From commercial, contractual and organizational due diligence, to disposals, to restructuring, to private equity, to shareholder agreements, Kabbiz Legal & Advisory provides a comprehensive range of corporate legal and advisory services to our corporate clients across various stages of business output. We ensure we work very closely with owners of the companies under our portfolio in order to ensure we create very successful outcomes in deals. We bring our unique insights to clients seeking to work through the complexities and uncertainties of doing business in Nigeria and the larger African continent.

To service our clients and deliver our utmost best work products, we make it our business to understand the industry and sectors you work in, your business and its challenges, and this enables us to be better able to help you succeed in your business. We combine our industry knowledge, regulatory understanding and our unique viewpoint to deliver innovative solutions to your business.

Our Corporate and Commercial Law Services

At Kabbiz Legal & Advisory, we offer a comprehensive range of corporate and commercial law services to businesses in Nigeria. Our areas of expertise include:

Corporate Governance: We provide advice and assistance on corporate governance matters, including drafting and reviewing corporate governance policies, conducting board and shareholder meetings, and ensuring compliance with corporate governance regulations.

Business Formation and Structuring: We assist clients with the formation and structuring of various business entities, including companies, partnerships, joint ventures, and trusts. We provide guidance on the legal requirements, documentation, and registration processes involved in establishing a business in Nigeria while also guiding our clients on their tax obligations and setting up their tax structure to ensure compliance with relevant regulators.

We have helped startups set their business idea down to a very sound legal footing to begin operations and actualize their objectives. We also work with and train entrepreneurs on the different requirements of setting up a business.

Contracts and Commercial Agreements: We offer drafting, reviewing, and negotiation services for a wide range of commercial contracts, including sales and purchase agreements, distribution agreements, supply contracts, franchising agreements, and licensing agreements. We also provide advice on contract interpretation, performance, and disputes.

Regulatory Compliance: We help businesses comply with relevant laws, regulations, and licensing requirements in Nigeria. We provide guidance on industry-specific regulations, advise on regulatory filings and reporting obligations, and represent clients in regulatory investigations and enforcement actions.

We further advise businesses on:

  • Business setup
  • Business permits and licenses in Nigeria
  • Business Advisory
  • Joint Ventures
  • FinTech
  • Competition Law/Anti-Trust
  • Corporate Taxation 
  • Project Finance

Why Choose Kabbiz Legal & Advisory for Corporate and Commercial Law in Nigeria

When you choose Kabbiz Legal & Advisory for your corporate and commercial law needs in Nigeria, you can expect our team to showcase expertise, client focus; provide strategic guidance and help you in all aspects of your business life cycle. We at Kabbiz Legal & Advisory are dedicated to providing comprehensive corporate and commercial law services to businesses operating in Nigeria. We offer our expertise in various areas, including corporate governance, business formation, contracts and commercial agreements, regulatory compliance, among others. With our client-centric approach, strategic guidance, timely and responsive service, and cost-effective solutions, we have a proven track record of success in assisting our clients in achieving their business goals. 

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At Kabbiz Legal & Advisory, we are experienced in handling corporate and commercial law matters in Nigeria. We can provide you with expert legal advice and assistance on legal issues while you maximize your business advantage. We invite you to contact us on +2348064231176 for more information on our services and how we can help you.

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