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As experts in IP law, we understand the importance of protecting and managing your IP assets, including through licensing arrangements with business counterparts. 

What is Intellectual Property Licensing?

It is a legal arrangement that allows one party (the licensor) to grant another party (the licensee) the right to use, exploit, or commercialize its IP assets, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, in exchange for agreed-upon terms and conditions. Licensing is a strategic tool used by businesses to leverage their IP assets, generate revenue, expand their market reach, and create business opportunities with partners whether locally or internationally. 

Legal Requirements for Intellectual Property Licensing in Nigeria

In Nigeria, licensing is governed by various laws and regulations, including the Trademarks Act, the Copyright Act, the Patents and Designs Act, and the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission Act. Some of the key legal requirements for IP licensing in Nigeria include:

Written Agreement: IP licensing agreements must be in writing and duly executed by the licensor and licensee. The agreement should clearly outline the scope of the licensed rights, territory, duration, and royalties or other financial arrangements.

Registration: For certain IP assets, such as patents and trademarks, registration with the Nigerian Intellectual Property Office (NIPO) is required for the license to be valid and enforceable. We can assist you with the registration process to ensure compliance with Nigerian IP laws.

Compliance with Anti-Competition Laws: IP licensing agreements must comply with Nigerian competition laws, such as the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Act, to avoid anti-competitive practices, such as abuse of dominance or restrictive agreements.

Termination and Dispute Resolution: The IP licensing agreement should include provisions for termination, dispute resolution, and breach of contract, including arbitration or litigation mechanisms to resolve disputes.

Benefits of Intellectual Property Licensing

IP licensing offers numerous benefits for businesses in Nigeria, including:

Revenue Generation: IP licensing can generate revenue through licensing fees, royalties, or other financial arrangements, allowing businesses to monetize their IP assets and diversify their income streams.

Market Expansion: IP licensing can help businesses expand their market reach by granting licenses to third parties to manufacture, distribute, or sell products or services under their IP assets, without having to invest in new markets or resources.

Risk Mitigation: IP licensing can help businesses mitigate the risk of IP infringement by granting licenses to third parties and obtaining royalties or other financial compensation, thereby reducing the risk of costly IP litigation.

Brand Enhancement: IP licensing can enhance the brand value of a business by allowing licensees to use its IP assets, such as trademarks or logos, in their marketing and promotional activities, thereby increasing brand awareness and recognition.

Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements

We are business attorneys who represent individuals and corporations in licensing matters by providing transaction advisory through the licensing life cycle. It does not matter if you are making an outright sale of your IP rights, or paying for rights to use another party’s IP, or licensing your own IP to a business counterpart—we can look over the terms in the proposed contract and advise you on your options, as well help negotiate better terms for you.  We can assist our clients with a range of Intellectual Property licensing agreements, including:

  • Exclusive licenses
  • Non-exclusive licenses

We help you monetize your Intellectual Property through Licensing

In our Intellectual Property licensing practice group, we handle different types of  Licensing and Technology agreements. We also provide routine due diligence checks and IP support to clients which cover various transactions, including asset purchases.

Kabbiz Legal & Advisory lawyers handle different types of licensing transactions, agreements and licenses, including:

  • Assignments 
  • Confidentiality Agreements (NDAs)
  • Transaction agreements 
  • Media 

At Kabbiz Legal & Advisory, we are experienced in handling licensing matters in Nigeria. We can provide you with expert legal advice and assistance in drafting, negotiating, and enforcing licensing agreements to protect and leverage your IP assets for maximum business advantage. We invite you to contact us on +2348064231176 for more information on our services and how we can help you with your IP licensing needs and overall brand protection. 

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ip licensing law firm in Nigeria