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In today’s world, business operations are occurring more on the global stage rather than locally and many businesses are breaking new markets and expanding across more borders so they can tap into more international business. The number of Nigerian companies and businesses importing products and even exporting products and engaging in foreign operations continue to grow. In addition, foreign companies and manufacturing conglomerates continue to expand into and invest in Nigeria because they rely on Nigerian consumers to purchase their products. The nature of today’s economy has made it necessary for companies to operate in foreign markets, as well as to manufacture and sell goods and services worldwide.

You can be starting up, or expanding your business interests, or undergoing corporate restructuring, or even exiting the business market…we can help you with your business challenges as you navigate these landscapes. You will have the legal support that will help you navigate confidently as you operate and go about your business with confidence.

The international business law support services we offer at Kabbiz Legal & Advisory is not location-specific and can be handled from anywhere out there in the world. Businesses with international needs need not opt in for bigger, global Firms with restrictive overhead billing – all the services you need can be delivered to you, including:

Compliance Counseling and Defense

While we can readily agree that in addition to the broad opportunities of the world marketplace, doing business internationally comes with significant regulatory risk which businesses can encounter in unfamiliar territory. For Nigerin businesses doing business abroad with international counterparts, or conversely international  companies doing business in Nigeria with local partners and subsidiaries, this means potential exposure to several risks. We can provide adequate counseling on the regulatory risks associated with such international business ventures and help you navigate the “glocal” scene so you can do your business without fear of regulatory non-compliance.

We help you understand and comply with Nigerian and external international laws that govern international trade and marketing. Our expertise surely covers advising you on various laws, including: laws that restrict the illegal dumping of products in foreign markets. As a law firm we major in Intellectual Property advisory and our advice can help you exploit your patents, trademarks, and other related intellectual property in Nigeria. We can also help you license your proprietary tech either locally and internationally as well.

We are business-focused and we offer a truly global perspective to legal needs as they arise in the course of your business operations.

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