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Patent Protection in Nigeria

Patent protection for businesses is very important. Many businesses are highly powered by innovations and creativity, so putting these innovations, creations and ideas into action is important for business growth. Likewise, providing adequate protection cover is very important for those innovative ideas you are banking on. With these in mind, we at Kabbiz Legal & Advisory now come in. we invite you to support the innovation of your team and safeguard your company’s economic standing by partnering with us.

As a leading law firm specializing in Intellectual Property (IP) and Corporate & Commercial Law, we at Kabbiz Legal & Advisory are well-equipped to handle all your patent law needs. We understand the intricacies of patent law and thus can provide comprehensive legal solutions to protect your inventions and innovations while you rest easy and carry on with the work that matter to you. We have deep expertise in patent law, and we can help you secure the protection to your patentable ideas and defend your intellectual property rights both within Nigeria and beyond.

Comprehensive Legal Services and Patent Law Expertise

We understand IP Law and all parts of the registration process. We can guide you through the complex legal requirements and help you navigate the complex landscape of protection. We also offer a wide range of related services, including searches, drafting and filing of necessary applications, prosecuting and defending infringement cases, and providing strategic advice on portfolio management. Our holistic approach ensures that all your patent needs are addressed efficiently and effectively. 

We understand that every invention is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Whether you are an individual inventor, a startup, or a multinational corporation, we can provide customized solutions that align with your business goals and protect your intellectual property rights.

Our Comprehensive Services:

As a specialist IP law firm, we offer a comprehensive range of patent law services, including:

  • Advisory 
  • Audits 
  • Due diligence
  • Mediation and Dispute Resolution
  • Application Preparations 
  • Tech Licensing


We conduct thorough searches to identify existing patents and prior art that may affect the patentability of your invention. Our search services help you assess the novelty and non-obviousness of your invention and make informed decisions about pursuing protection.

Drafting and Filing

We assist in drafting high-quality patent applications that comply with Nigerian patent law requirements and international standards. Our attorneys work closely with you to understand your invention and prepare detailed and persuasive patent specifications that maximize your chances of obtaining a patent.

Patent Prosecution

We represent clients in prosecution proceedings before the Nigerian Patent Registry, including responding to office actions, attending hearings, and conducting oral arguments. Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling complex patent prosecution matters and can effectively advocate for your patent rights.

Portfolio Management

We provide strategic advice on managing and monetizing your portfolio. Our attorneys can assist you in developing a comprehensive strategy that aligns with your business objectives, including licensing, assignment, and enforcement of your patent rights.

Due Diligence

We conduct thorough patent due diligence reviews to help you assess the value and enforceability of patents in mergers and acquisitions, technology transfers, and other business transactions. Our due diligence services assist you in making informed decisions and mitigating risks associated with your IP.

Contact Information

For more information about our legal services or to schedule a consultation, please contact Kabbiz Legal & Advisory at +2348064231176.

To learn more about our overall Intellectual Property practice which includes our Trademarks and IP Licensing practices, we invite you to download our IP Brochure by clicking here.

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