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Debt Recovery and Insolvency law firm in Nigeria

Debt Recovery can be a daunting process, especially if it is bad debt.

Outstanding debts owed to companies can negatively impact the financial security and outlook of that company and often times there is a need to recover owed money quickly, efficiently and with minimum fuss. That is where the specialized Debt Recovery and Insolvency team at Kabbiz Legal & Advisory, one of Nigeria’s leading commercial law firms, come in. We are debt recovery solicitors acting for foreign entities, individuals, corporations and businesses and we have the expertise to assist you recover your funds. We have a detailed recovery process which starts with a well-laid out strategy we pursue to conclusion to ensure that we obtain desirable outcomes for our clients.

Our Debt Recovery practice is a sub-set of our Litigation practice area and we represent clients in varied debt recovery matters, which include actions to recover debts owed through Loan Agreements, Promissory Notes, Instruments; debts over goods sold and delivered, among others. We equally and particularly represent alien businesses, corporations and individuals who do not understand the business terrain in Nigeria to recover debts owed to them by their local counterparts here in Nigeria for goods sold and delivered, services rendered, among others. We represent Banks and other financial institutions as well in respect of corporate debt owed to them.

Debt Recovery Service across Nigeria

Our Firm prides itself on having a national footprint, given that we operate all across Nigeria and can assist clients to recover unpaid debt across the various States in Nigeria through our network of contacts and associates.

Our Service Areas

  • Debt Restructuring
  • Judgment Enforcement
  • Debt Recovery
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings

Our services

  •  Negotiations with Debtors or Creditors for amicable settlement of Debts owed
  • Debt recovery restructuring
  • Security Review for Borrowers and Lenders
  • Insolvency Litigation
  • Foreign Judgment Enforcement and Collection
  • Commercial Debt Collection
  • Debt Enforcement

Our Insolvency & Debt Recovery Team

We have a team of experienced lawyers at Kabbiz Legal & Advisory who are leading legal experts in debt recovery and insolvency matters; they work closely with our local and international clients to tailor-make solutions that specifically fit their circumstances and tackles their unique needs.

If you require expert legal guidance on debt recovery matters, bankruptcy, insolvency and debt restructuring, please contact us on with any questions, matters and concerns you may have. Alternatively you can check out our profile on Debitura, one of the world’s Debt & Insolvency platforms, for a quote.

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