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Need Startup Advisory Lawyers for your Startup? 

We are Kabbiz Legal & Advisory, a leading law firm providing astute legal advice for startup businesses in Lagos & Abuja, Nigeria and other parts of Africa. As a trusted legal partner for startups, we provide comprehensive legal guidance to support the growth and success of your startup venture.

As a startup founder or entrepreneur, you need reliable legal support to navigate the complex legal landscape in Nigeria because, while we readily agree that starting a business can be very exciting, it can also be daunting and challenging. While you may have great ideas, and even greater products and/or services to bring that idea to life, thinking about the necessary legal details can be quite complicated especially for people without legal backgrounds. From selecting the business structure and ultimately establishing your startup in readiness for operations, to protecting your intellectual property, securing financing, to complying with extant regulations, and managing online reputation, our Startup Advisory services cover a wide range of legal matters to ensure your startup’s success as early in the process as possible.

At Kabbiz Legal & Advisory, we understand the unique legal challenges that startups face in Nigeria. We are well-versed in the intricacies of Nigerian business law and we have a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem in the country. We are committed to providing practical, solution-oriented legal advice tailored to the specific needs of your startup.


Key Areas of Our Startup Advisory Services

Company Formation and Structuring

We provide expert guidance on the most appropriate legal structure for your startup, whether it’s registering as a business name, incorporating a company, or establishing a partnership under the existing structures Nigeria’s extant company laws allow. We assist with all aspects of company formation, including drafting and reviewing the necessary legal documents, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and advising on corporate governance best practices.


Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual property (IP) is a critical asset for startups, and protecting your IP is essential to safeguard your competitive advantage. We assist with trademark registration, copyright protection, patent applications, and trade secret management to help you protect your valuable IP assets and avoid potential disputes with competitors as you begin operations. Our IP sub-practices that are available for startup clients include:

Corporate & Commercial Law

We provide comprehensive legal advice on various corporate and commercial matters, including contract drafting and review, negotiation of business agreements with vendors and partners, regulatory compliance, joint ventures, and corporate restructuring. We ensure that your startup’s legal contracts and agreements are carefully drafted, reviewed, and negotiated to protect your interests while also being fair and balanced for the other party you are dealing with.

Financing and Investment

We understand the unique challenges that startups face when it comes to securing financing and attracting investments. Our Startup Advisory services include legal assistance with fundraising, venture capital and private equity investments, due diligence, term sheet review, and negotiations. We help you navigate the legal complexities of financing and investment transactions to ensure that your startup receives the necessary funding to grow and thrive within the existing business environment.

Online Reputation Management

In today’s digital age, online reputation is crucial for the success of any startup. We provide legal guidance on managing your startup’s online reputation, including handling online defamation, cyber defamation, and online harassment. We work with you to protect your startup’s reputation and minimize the legal risks associated with online content.

Related Practice Area:

Other areas we provide services include:

  • Websites Terms and Conditions of Use, Usage Policies, et cetera
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Regulatory Compliance 
  • Employment policies
  • Leases and sub-leases of commercial property

Who our Startup Advisory lawyers can help and support?

We are equipped with the intellectual capacity to support startups of all sizes, including but not limited to Tech Startups, Media Startups, and Growth Companies optimizing their upward mobility and growth. We will work with your startup on joint ventures, shareholder agreements, profit-sharing agreements, founders agreements, employment contracts, equity arrangements, and general HR support for growing your teams. We do understand the terrain and we are ready and willing to put in the work for our clients.

If you are an entrepreneur, business person, Tech Startup, Investor, Venture Capitalist that wants to set up a business and operate within Nigeria and provide services to Nigerians and Nigeria-based businesses and corporations, we are available to support your business. We can offer very sound legal advice that will help you advance your interests.

Technology Startups and Scaleups

Our early-stage business clients and startup clients usually fall in within the Technology space, and they operate across these sectors:

  • Digital Media 
  • Digital Services, among others

Why Choose Kabbiz Legal & Advisory for Startup Advisory Services?

Expertise in Nigerian Business Law: We have in-depth knowledge and experience in Nigerian business law, including IP, corporate & commercial law, and online reputation management. We understand the unique legal challenges that startups face in Nigeria and provide practical and strategic legal advice to address those challenges so our clients can keep afloat and continue on their business journey without hassles.

Tailored Legal Solutions: We understand that every startup is unique, and we provide customized legal solutions tailored to the specific needs of your startup. We work closely with you to understand your business, your business goals and aspirations so we can provide practical, result-oriented legal advice to support your startup’s growth and success.

Proactive Approach: We take a proactive approach to legal problem-solving, anticipating potential legal issues and providing timely advice to mitigate risks. We ensure that your startup’s legal affairs are in compliance with relevant laws and regulations, minimizing the risk of legal disputes and protecting your interests.

Comprehensive Legal Support: Our Startup Advisory services cover a wide range of legal matters, including company formation, IP protection, corporate & commercial law, financing and investment, and online reputation management. We provide comprehensive legal support to startups at different stages of their growth journey, from early-stage startups to established businesses, to ensure that all their legal needs are met under one roof. Our mission is to play a strong part in your overall success; we seek to provide business entrepreneurs and business owners access to very essential legal advisory and representation. We aim to give founders, growing business entities and startups a strong, one-stop shop for their bucket of legal service needs under one unified roof.

Contact Our Startup Team for Expert Startup Advisory Services

If you are a startup founder or entrepreneur in Nigeria seeking expert legal guidance, we invite you to get in touch with our Kingsley Ani at or on WhatsApp at +2348064231176. 

Startup advisory, intellectual property shining bright for startups

As a specialist law firm in Nigeria with expertise in IP, Corporate & Commercial Law, and Online Reputation Management, Kabbiz Legal & Advisory is your trusted legal partner for Startup Advisory services. Our comprehensive legal support, tailored solutions, ethical approach, and client-centric service make us the ideal choice for startups seeking expert legal guidance. Due to our expertise in these niche areas of the law we provide national legal advisory to technology companies, startups, and scaleups. Our complimentary practice areas will enable us to offer you a broader range of services to support you in your business growth and as your need evolves.

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