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Products Registration Requirements in Nigeria

In Nigeria, certain classes of products require regulatory registration before they are marked and certified safe for use in Nigeria and authorized for sale in Nigerian local markets. To that effect, the Nigerian Government has set up agencies to undertake product registration and ensure compliance by manufacturers of regulatory requirements before these products can be used or sold within Nigeria. Thus, the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) and the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) are in charge of regulating the importation and exportation of consumable and non-consumable products into Nigeria and from Nigeria to other countries, respectively.

Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON)

SON’s core responsibilities include formulating policies and standards for products, measurements, materials, and processes. To ensure that materials, products, or procedures meet the necessary standards, SON has developed the Nigerian Industrial Standards (NIS) which cover various categories such as glossaries, dimensional standards, performance standards, test methods, codes of practice, and measurement standards. Manufacturers meeting the NIS requirements are issued permits to use the Certification Mark or the Nigerian “Mark of Quality” by SON. SON also operates laboratories for conducting tests in areas like food and chemistry, engineering, textiles, leather, and provides instrument calibration services. Additionally, SON conducts periodic preventive inspections in factories and markets to combat the sale of sub-standard products and counterfeiting. Failure to comply with or undertake certain actions as required by the Act can lead to criminal liability and prosecution.

National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC)

NAFDAC focuses primarily on regulating food, cosmetics, medical devices, and bottled water. According to NAFDAC guidelines, no food, cosmetics, medical devices, or bottled water can be manufactured, imported, exported, advertised, sold, or distributed in Nigeria without proper registration as per the enabling law. NAFDAC also monitors product labeling requirements, specifying that labels should include the product’s name, manufacturer’s full location and address, batch number, manufacturing date, best before date, net content of essential ingredients, and declaration of food additives and colors. NAFDAC requires applicants to provide evidence of a trademark application for the product’s registration, and successful applicants receive a registration certificate with a validity period of five years. It’s important to note that product registration does not automatically grant advertising permits, which require a separate application and approval by NAFDAC. NAFDAC conducts periodic inspections of markets, shops, and warehouses and possesses the authority to seize and destroy non-compliant products, as well as seal premises of offending individuals or entities.

Why Product Registration Matters

Product registration is a vital process that ensures the products you manufacture, sell, import into, or export from Nigeria to t other countries meet all the necessary standards and comply with applicable laws and regulations. It establishes your credibility as a responsible and trustworthy manufacturer or distributor, safeguarding your brand reputation and protecting consumers and distributors of your products from potential risks and liabilities to regulatory agencies.

Our Services

Regulatory Compliance Assessment

We conduct a thorough review of your products and assess their compliance with Nigeria’s regulatory frameworks. We identify any gaps or areas of non-compliance, providing actionable recommendations to meet all legal requirements with the necessary requirements of NAFDAC and SON, as necessary.

Preparation of Registration Documentation

We assist in preparing the necessary documentation for product registration, including necessary application forms, technical specifications, safety data sheets, labeling requirements, and any other required supporting documents. We ensure accuracy, completeness, and adherence to regulatory guidelines.

Submission and Follow-up

We manage the entire registration process on your behalf, submitting the documentation to the appropriate regulatory authorities. Our team follows up with the authorities, addressing any queries or additional information requests, and ensuring a smooth and efficient registration process.

Regulatory Updates and Monitoring

We keep you informed about any new requirements or amendments that may impact your product registration. Our team provides ongoing monitoring services to ensure continued compliance with regulations post-registration.

International Product Registration

If your business operates globally, we offer assistance with international product registration, navigating the specific requirements of different jurisdictions. Our extensive network of legal partners around the world enables us to provide comprehensive support for expanding your market reach.

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If you are an international product manufacturer with interest in registering your products for importation into Nigeria, we invite you to contact us on to discuss your product registration requirements with Nigeria’s regulatory agencies. We will help you navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance, ensuring your products meet the highest standards and reach the [Nigerian] retail market successfully.

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