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Nigeria’s leading Immigration Law Experts

Kabbiz Legal & Advisory, in aiding our foreign clients with their Nigerian affairs, have a thriving immigration law practice. As such, we are one of Nigeria’s leading immigration law firms. Our immigration law practice group focuses on assisting our foreign clients who are opening for, and seeking to do business in Nigeria, with obtaining regulatory permits for they and their workers. One such example is us helping them to obtain the Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card (CERPAC), apply for Visas, follow up with their Visa applications, among others.

Our immigration practice group is an offshoot of our foreign Business Registration, Corporate & Commercial Law, and Regulatory Compliance practice groups, as we set up an Immigration practice group in order to provide a one-stop shop for our foreign clients.

It is very important to note that we do apply for Visas for Nigerians seeking to travel outside Nigeria for studies, temporary work, or for permanent relocation—we rather advise them on the numerous foreign policies and Visa requirements the countries they are trying to emigrate to require of them. We also advise them on second citizenships outside Nigeria through schemes such as citizenship by investment schemes which they can take advantage of if they meet the necessary criteria.

How We can Help your Company through Immigration Requirements

As an international entity establishing in Nigeria, or hiring expatriates to work in Nigeria, you may have questions regarding the legal and regulatory requirements of Nigerian law as it concerns your expatriate employees, your business in any of Nigeria’s large cities, or on issues of immigration law generally. We provide answers to your questions and provide solutions to your company. We have developed contacts in the Immigration Service and can swiftly move to provide answers to even the most complex questions you may be posed with.

Leading immigration law firm in Nigeria from Kabbiz Legal & Advisory

Our Specialties in Immigration Law

  • Temporary Work Permits
  • Expatriate Quotas
  • Business Visas
  • Visiting Visas
  • Aliens Card
  • General Immigration Advisory
  • Work Permits
  • Renewal of Expatriate Quotas
  • Visa Appeals and Representations
  • Subject to Regularization Visas
  • Due Diligence
  • Business Migration Advisory
  • Branch Office setup in Nigeria
  • Certification of Documents at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Our Services

Visa Procurement Services

We help our international clients visiting Nigeria with Visa-on-Arrival, Temporary Work Permits, and Business Visas, to ensure their seamless entry into Nigeria through whatever route they are entering the country from.

Expatriate Orientation on Nigeria

Overseas business assignments and posting can be quite a daunting experience for foreigners, and relocation overseas due to work placements can present quite a cultural challenge. To help you ease into the Nigerian business and cultural frame, we provide access to quality information on Nigeria so that you better manage your expectations and have enough cultural awareness on Nigeria to make your relocation to Nigeria a more pleasant experience for you.

Work Permits and Work Authorisation Services

Our stellar Immigration team at Kabbiz Legal & Advisory assists clients and help them to procure operating licences, permits and Expatriate Quota approvals for their foreign workforce who they intend to relocate to Nigeria for work. We also assist clients to process work permits for their workers as and when needed and help them with compliance and filing necessary returns.

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